A 60-YEAR-OLD serial shoplifter told his solicitor he was getting too old for thieving.

However, Bartholomew Grimes was back in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court after being caught stealing more than £300 worth of perfume from Debenhams.

Grimes had made the short journey from his accommodation at James Bank Hostel to commit the offence.

Grimes, currently in jail for other offences, admitted that on July 16 at Debenhams, Kingsgate Centre, Dunfermline, he stole four bottles of perfume.

The court was told the stolen items were valued at £334 and there had been full recovery.

Grimes was jailed last month for more shoplifting offences and was due to be released next week.

Defence solicitor Gordon Martin said: “He’s 60 now and he tells me he thinks he’s too old for this sort of stuff. He has a long-standing history of heroin abuse.”

Sheriff Charles MacNair commented: “Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a compulsory retirement age for shoplifters.”

He jailed Grimes for another 100 days consecutive to his current term.