A Dunfermline man has found a treasure trove of precious items from times gone by in his home.

Issac Gamal, 34, was clearing out when he found a box of jewellery and badges hidden in the ceiling of 43, Elliot Street.

He is now determined to return the treasure to its rightful owners and is counting on Press readers for help!

The items only give away a few details of their owners; a locket has the date 07/06/1914 inscribed on it as well as the name 'Margaret' and a 'Highland Light Infantry' badge with the name 'Albert' on it.

A potential engagement ring was also found, as well as earrings, a bracelet and an assortment of badges such as the 'Women's League of Health and Beauty' which might give us some clues to the interests of the owners.

Issac, who moved into the property in March last year, said: "My mum was giving me a hand to clean the place and she said I think those things are valuable.

"Clearly these things were important to someone and they've put them in a place for safekeeping.

"It just looked like an old box to me but then my mum asked what it was and I thought maybe I need to look into this more.

"I'd like to get it back to who it belongs."

The property is estimated to have been build in 1890. The numbers of homes on the street may have been changed over the years as some properties have been converted into flats.

"There is definitely a second feeling in this place as it's such an old property," Issac said.

"I've never met the previous owners but I wanted to see if there was a Margaret and Albert that who here.

"When I went to Edinburgh to look at records it seemed number 43 was called something else, so I don't know if they've converted at some point or split it up.

"I'm kind of clueless about what to do about it!"