A CHEF duo famous for their delicious cheesecakes have opened up an ice cream shop in Inverkeithing.

Customers at Sean McGowan and Iain Ross Macdonald’s new store at King Street will step into dessert heaven with a selection of sweet treats on offer to tempt them.

‘Catered with Love’ specialise in waffles, crepes, milkshakes, cookie dough, pick ‘n’ mix, pancakes, churros, all sorts of cakes and, of course, 30 different flavours of ice cream.

Sean and Iain have been gaining quite a reputation over the last couple of years – turning out up to 500 cheesecakes a week from their baking business!

In demand from suppliers, they opened a baking outlet but saw an opportunity to open up a dessert shop alongside it.

They’ve also been able to employ six local youngsters to help them keep up with orders.

Sean, 35, from Cowdenbeath, said: “Myself and Iain, who is from Inverkeithing, both have cheffing backgrounds and worked together.

“But it was myself and my wife, Jackie, that started baking for others, it just got popular and we went from there.

“We cater for weddings, functions, birthdays and anniversaries.

“We’ve now got 10 different suppliers too from restaurants, bistros, coffee shops and garages.

“We’ve also been able to take on six staff and we’re hoping we can just keep growing!”

The most popular cheesecake on offer is raspberry and white chocolate but their motto is: “You name it, we’ll make it”.

“That’s the test to see if you can come up with a new flavour we can try!” Sean added.

“We’re a bit out of our comfort zone launching this business but it’s been really busy so far. The local community are saying there is nothing like it in Inverkeithing.

“Hopefully this will just be the first shop. It’s hard work but good from a business point of view!”