Fife Council has made a U-turn by committing to review “unfair” parking tickets in Dunfermline after a number of complaints.

Paul McNulty slammed the local authority last week in the Press after he landed a £30 fine at the Glen Bridge car park which has been made subject to new rules.

He argued because there were no notices informing of this change, he shouldn’t have to pay but his appeal was rejected.

However, after Dunfermline Central councillor Garry Haldane took up the case, council officials decided to review tickets issued since the changes were implemented on September 16.

Cllr Haldane said: “They have confirmed that they will look at it again.

“I pointed out they should have had signage up when the parking restrictions were changed.

“There have been others that have also got tickets because they were unaware of the changes.

“It seems if you phone up as a resident you don’t get anywhere but as soon as a councillor steps in they do something.

“That should not be the case.

“If you have a complaint they should act quickly, not dawdle.”

Previously a legal loophole meant errant drivers could avoid a fine because certain areas of the Glen Bridge car park were not covered by a traffic regulation order.

And, as the Press reported at the time, that was closed in June with Fife Council taking steps to address the issue.

New parking regulations came into force last month to ensure the whole car park is enforced uniformly.

Any motorist who parks outwith a marked bay; parks in a disabled bay without displaying a blue badge; parks a car in a bus/coach bay or overstays the ticketed period will face a parking ticket.

Mr McNulty was glad of the help and said: “Cllr Haldane brought a good case and took them to task.

“If it gets refunded I will be happy. However, it makes me feel that the appeal process is not fit for purpose.

“There is no independent authority – it’s just a ‘Go away’ attitude and that is why I spoke to my councillor.”

Andrew Beveridge, the council’s parking co-ordinator in car parking strategy and operations, said: “We’re currently reviewing the penalty charge notices that have been issued since September 16 following a number of complaints received.

“We’ve reviewed Mr McNulty’s appeal and are writing to him with the outcome of this.”