AN ARGUMENT over a lost door key at a homeless hostel led to a serial offender being sent back to jail.

David Berry had been given early release from his previous prison term just a month earlier.

During this latest disturbance, Berry threatened to kill police officers’ families and burn their houses down.

Berry, 49, of James Bank Hostel, appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on Saturday, at James Bank Hostel and on a journey to Dunfermline police station, he acted aggressively, shouted, swore, spat and repeatedly made threats of violence.

Depute fiscal Alex Kirk said police officers were at the hostel on an unrelated matter when they saw Berry on CCTV. He was waving his arms about and throwing items around.

She went on: “It seems this was because he’d lost the key to his room and wanted staff to allow him entry. He had been told this wasn’t possible and began shouting.

“Police officers went to speak to him but he would not calm down and had to be restrained.

“He told police officers he would kill them and said he was going to get a gun and shoot people.”

On his way to the police station, Berry continued to make threats to officers saying he would “break their noses, burn their houses down and kill their children”.

He began spitting and a spit-hood was placed on him.

Defence solicitor Roshni Joshi admitted her client had a “lengthy record” and a “long-standing history of alcohol and drug misuse”.

“He’s ashamed of his behaviour. He’s been in a revolving door, in and out of custody. He’s had no benefits since coming out of prison and has been busking and begging on the streets.”

Sheriff Charles MacNair sent Berry back to jail to serve 28 days of his previous sentence and added another six months for this latest offence.