A UK-WIDE shortage of the nasal flu vaccine means that planned inoculations for older children in Fife have been "postponed".

NHS Fife have been affected by the supply "issue" and said pre-school kids aged 2 to 5 up to Primary 3 pupils, as well as those with underlying health conditions, will be treated first.

The health board explained: "Prioritising these groups prevents us having to completely postpone vaccinations across entire schools and means every school in Fife will have some protection against flu."

Their statement added: "There is currently a UK-wide issue in the supply of the nasal flu vaccine for those children aged 2-17.

"This is affecting the ability of health boards to deliver the vaccine to all young people.

"Children with underlying health conditions, pre-school children aged 2-5 years old, and children in Primary 1-3 should receive their nasal flu vaccination as planned (if consent has been granted by a parent/guardian).

"The vaccination programme for children in Primary 4-7 will be postponed and mop up clinics will be provided across Fife for those children once the vaccine supply issue has been resolved.

"This issue affects only the nasal flu vaccine offered to children – the adult flu vaccination programme is unaffected by the supply issues and is operating as normal."