A WEST FIFE police officer has called for parents to make sure their children are behaving responsibly after he said anti-social behaviour was being "exacerbated" by social media.

At last month's meeting of Central Dunfermline Community Council, PC Ross Menzies told members that social media – and special flexible bus tickets – was resulting in the "increased mobility" of young people which enabled them to gather in large groups in various locations.

Constable Menzies, from Dunfermline Police Station, explained: “Over the past few months, and particularly around the school holidays, we have seen an increase in young people meeting up in towns across West Fife.

“Messaging channels and social media has meant that arranging to meet up with friends has never been easier.

“Whilst the majority are well-behaved, we have received some reports of anti-social behaviour created by these gathering with some young people using this as an opportunity to consume alcohol and commit anti-social behaviour."

PC Menzies said the local community policing team continued to engage with young people and would respond to areas where concerns from the local communities were highlighted.

“I would encourage parents to ensure their children are behaving responsibly in public areas, and would remind those intent on committing anti-social behaviour that this will not be tolerated," he added.

“If you have concerns or information about anti-social behaviour in your area, please report this to us via 101 or at year nearest police station so we can investigate accordingly.”