A CAT which was stuck up a Townhill tree for four days in the freezing cold has been rescued after two West Fife businesses came to his aid.

The furry feline is believed to have dashed up a tree to safety after being chased by dogs and, despite attempts of locals, refused to make his way back down.

Fife Cat Rescue put out an appeal for help and were delighted when Shapes Tree Surgeons and Morris Walker Roofing stepped up to the mark and teamed up to get the mog back on ground level.

Co-ordinator Rhona Gordon was delighted that the tale had a happy ending.

"It was a member of the public who lived in the local area who had seen dogs chase the cat up the tree on Saturday. It was still there 24 hours later and had not made its way down," she explained.

"Food was left halfway up the tree in the hope it would entice it down but it didn't.

"I think the SSPCA did come out and the fire brigade came out too but a couple of our supporters had contacted us so we put a message on our Facebook page asking if any tree surgeons could help us."

On Wednesday, the tree surgeons were able to get up the tree and reach the puss, now named Shapes, into a bag and lower him down to volunteers from Fife Cat Rescue.

"We took him for a health check and he is in remarkably good condition considering it was so cold," added Rhona. "There was no microchip and no-one has contacted us to say who he is. If no-one does come forward in the next week, the chaps that rescued the cat would very much want to give it a home.

"We were delighted with the fact that members of the public were concerned and the tree surgeons gave up their time as did the roofing company to get him."