The SNP have won both seats in two West Fife by-elections.

Derek Glen won in Dunfermline Central to take a seat from the Conservatives after  Alan Craig, stepped down earlier this year due to health and personal circumstances.

While Sharon Green-Wilson held on to the SNP seat in Rosyth.

Mr Glen took first place with 1526 votes on first choice preference.

Conservative candidate Chloe Dodds was second with 1142 votes, and Liberal Democrat’s Aude Boubaker-Calder third on 1050. Labour candidate Michael Boyd was pushed into fourth position on 621.

The number of registered voters for Dunfermline Central was 15,598, with turnout of just 29.5% (4601 votes).

After his win, Mr Glen said: “As a new councillor, I will need to get up to speed very quickly, but I intend to do that immediately, and with the support and help of my fellow SNP councillors and become as active as I possibly can.

“It’s truly an honour to represent Dunfermline as a historic city, the ancient capital of Scotland.

"I pledge to represent all of the residents of the ward as effectively as I can, and to represent all the diverse communities we have.”

Sharon Green-Wilson was elected to serve Ward Five after Samantha Steele stepped down for health and personal reasons earlier this year.

She was previously a councillor for Rosyth but lost her seat in 2017 after polling fourth in the Fife Council elections.

Turnout was just 27.5% in ward five.

The first preference votes saw Ms Green-Wilson poll 1347, ahead of  Margaret Fairgrieve (Conservatives) on 768 votes and Billy Pollock (Labour) third on 480.

After her win, Ms Green-Wilson said: “I would like to thank the electors of Rosyth and south-west Fife villages for putting their trust in me again – I will not let you down and will continue to champion the ward I have been elected to serve.

“I should also wish to acknowledge the contribution to the community by my predecessor, Sam Steele. I hope to be able to live up to the high standards that Sam has set.”

Dunfermline Central results:

Aude Boubaker-Calder

Scottish Liberal Democrats


Michael John Boyd

Scottish Labour Party


Keith Chamberlain

Scottish Libertarian Party


Chloe Dodds

Scottish Conservative and Unionist


Derek Glen

Scottish National Party


Fiona M McOwan

Scottish Green Party


Rosyth results:

Jill Blair

Scottish Liberal Democrats


Margaret Fairgrieve

Scottish Conservative and Unionist


Sharon Green Wilson

Scottish National Party


Alastair Amundsen Macintyre



Craig McCutcheon

Scottish Green Party


Calum Paul

Scottish Libertarian Party


Billy Pollock

Scottish Labour Party