WHAT can we do to tackle the tide of single plastics in Dunfermline?

That's the question locals will be asked at a public consultation tonight as part of an exciting new project that will see communities across Scotland try to eliminate disposable throwaway products.

Plastic-Free Dunfermline has been chosen to take part in the campaign by Zero Waste Scotland which is being supported by the Scottish Government and European Union.

Along with Resource Futures, the group will be bidding for cash to help deliver change.

James Daw, leader of Plastic-Free Dunfermline, told the Press: "The first stage of this all is to hold a public consultation and we hope to collate lost of ideas that contribute to zero waste.

"We need to decide what single-use items create the most waste here in Dunfermline, what ideas could help to cut that down and what's involved in making this happen.

"If we're successful, the idea will be trialled.

"It's a really nice opportunity for us to be involved in something a bit bigger.

"If it works out, it could be rolled out so it is a chance to make a big difference."

One idea the group already have is installing a milk station at a local primary school. It would stop the need for milk tetra packs and could potentially take away millions of pieces of plastic from our environment.

"The whole point, however, is to involve everyone in the community, asking them to bring their ideas," James added.

"Some people have ideas for these things in their head but have just don't how to do it. This is an opportunity for us to work all that out."

Touch Community Centre, 7pm.