COFFEE and sweets got Crossgates woman Dannika Majewski through a three-day 'Nailathon' for Children in Need.

The kind-hearted nail technician pushed herself to the limit by working from six in the morning through to 10 at night in the name of charity last weekend.

Clients were asked to make a donation for gel nails and a fantastic £650.24 was raised from the effort, with more donations on the way!

Dannika said: "It was great fun! I enjoyed but it was tiring!

"As long as I kept busy I was alright but if an appointment was cancelled or I finished a little bit early, it hit me!

"On the first day, I survived on only three hours sleep because I didn't get finished until 11.30pm the night before and then I was straight in at 6am."

Dannika filled all her appointments over three days and thanked the Press for getting the word out about the Nailathon.

Overall she saw 41 clients – the most she has ever had over a weekend.

"People brought me coffee and sweets which were much-needed!" Dannika added.

"I've had unbelievable support – I even received a letter from MSP Annabelle Ewing which I thought was a very sweet thing.

"It definitely hit me last night when I got home!

"I never expected to raise as much as this so it is just fantastic.

"I told my mum when I finished I was never doing it again but she said she'd put money on me that I would."