A JEALOUS husband created mayhem at his wife’s workplace after becoming suspicious about her being given a gift of perfume.

After making a spate of abusive phone calls to staff, jealous James Cuthbert went to the Dalgety Bay electronics factory and got into a fight with a worker there.

Cuthbert, 43, previously of Spencerfield Road, Inverkeithing, and now living in Armadale, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on various occasions between February 25 and March 9, at Dynamic EMS, Taxi Way, Dalgety Bay, he sent electronic messages and made phone calls three factory workers that were grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene and menacing nature. He shouted, swore and made abusive remarks and threats of violence to them.

He also admitted that on March 11, at the same location, he adopted an aggressive attitude towards two workers by shouting and swearing. He also made abusive remarks and struggled with one worker whereby he was struck and fell on the floor.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said the background had been a raffle organised at the company, which saw a number of items being donated as prizes, including a bottle of perfume.

The organisers decided not to use the perfume as a prize and Cuthbert’s partner asked if she could have it.

The social convener, a male, gave her the perfume and this is what triggered Cuthbert’s suspicions that she may be having an affair.

The reception started receiving phone calls from Cuthbert demanding to speak to the social convenor.

When told he was not there by a receptionist, Cuthbert started shouting: “You’re lying to me, I know he’s there. You’re a lying bitch.”

An irate Cuthbert also said: “He’s probably s******* everything on the shop floor.”

The abusive phone calls continued in the following weeks and messages aimed at the social convenor were sent to his wife.

On March 11, Cuthbert drove to the premises and began swearing at staff before getting into a struggle with one of the workers, who was knocked to the ground as a result.

After obtaining reports, the court was told that Cuthbert was not fit for unpaid work and not suitable for a restriction of liberty order.

Sheriff James MacDonald imposed a community payback order with 18 months' supervision and Cuthbert will have to attend counselling for alcohol and mental health issues. He was also ordered not to approach any member of staff at Dynamic EMS.