THERE’S been a twist in the plot for Dunfermline Cinema Project (DCP) after their hopes of opening up in New Row were dashed.

The community group have had to withdraw their planning application after talks with the landlord and owner of their proposed home last week.

In a letter to Fife Council, their agents, Cullinan Design, confirmed: “I have been asked by the applicant to confirm that we must unfortunately withdraw this application, as the circumstances have changed with the landlord and owner of the unit. This will no longer be going ahead in this location.”

It is now hoped that another venue can be secured for the 66-seater Unicorn Cinema.

Graeme Spence, from DCP, said: “I’m afraid we’re back to square one and this really comes as a big disappointment to all of us.

“Sometimes things work out for you and sometimes they don’t. Unfortunately, this hasn’t for us.

“We didn’t want to have to withdraw but we couldn’t go ahead the way we had hoped.

“We were really all in on this place. We had put a lot of time and work into this venue being the one for us, and we really thought it was going to be.

“We’re now going to be talking to other places and we do have venues lined up.

“We’re all staying positive.”

The group had identified the site at 25 New Row for their cinema and had submitted a planning application for a change of use to Fife Council in mid-October.

The premises was formerly a car parts shop and then sold exotic reptiles.

It was our Press, Take, Action! campaign which inspired the DCP to form, with Graeme stating the “massive response” to our success demonstrated the demand for a community cinema to be created in Dunfermline town centre.

More than 1,500 film fans in Dunfermline and West Fife have signed our petition calling on Odeon to reduce their ticket prices at their Fife Leisure Park complex.

It remains the most expensive cinema in Scotland and it could yet become dearer.

The Press revealed exclusively recently that Odeon are considering upgrading their cinema to a ‘Luxe’ venue.

Carol Welch, Odeon’s managing director for UK and Ireland, confirmed: “Odeon Dunfermline is one of a number of UK cinemas being evaluated for potential Luxe refurbishment next year. “ Ms Welch was unable to suggest what tickets could cost at the refurbished cinema if an investment was carried out.

She said: “Our decision to consider Odeon Dunfermline for a Luxe refurbishment has been in motion for some time but we do not have commercial details or plans (including ticket prices) confirmed at this time.”

The Odeon had submitted a planning application to Fife Council in September requesting permission to erect new signage displaying: “Odeon Luxe – IMAX” above the entrance. The council approved the plans and should Odeon go ahead with them, it will become the fourth Luxe venue in Scotland.