A BREAKFAST club in Dunfermline for veterans has made a "big difference" and organisers have the numbers to prove it.

Scottish Forces Breakfast Club are to celebrate their first anniversary with a Christmas party next month.

They now have more than 125 members and have served up a huge amount of hot meals on the first Saturday of each month to veterans at the British Legion on New Row.

Mike Boyle, who set up the initiative, has been counting since day one.

He said: "We have grown since then and have served up, so far: 282 10-piece breakfasts with free coffee and tea and as much free toast as you can eat. All this for £4, which is the cheapest in Fife and surrounding area.

"We have gone through 36 loaves of bread, 564 sausages, 564 rashers of bacon, 24 catering tins of bean and tomatoes, 282 hash browns, 282 free-range eggs, 282 tattie scones, 282 black puddings and approximately 750 cups of tea and coffee.

"Banter and talking? Too much to count. However, that is why some much coffee and tea is needed.

"All this would not happen but for our volunteers Adam, Sheilagh, Conor and Lynn."

All ex- and present forces are welcome to attend the breakfasts as well as the Christmas party on Friday, December 20.

The club's help extends beyond breakfast though, as Mike explains: "We also work with our sister charity, Who Dares Cares in Edinburgh, where we will go out to a veteran who is having an issue with Universal Credit, or any other issue.

"We will attend to them within two hours and give them a hamper with essentials to keep them going for three days.

"The request comes from other charities or the council.

"There are no questions asked and this is not a handout but just a help-out.

"Apart from food, we have moved and donated furniture to veterans that have a house but no furniture.

"Finally, we offer a signposting service and help for veterans.

"Recently, I have been helping veterans getting their medals that they have lost, which may not seem a lot, but to the veterans it is personal and worth so much more.

"We will also help with pension information and who they should contact plus, most importantly, make sure they have the benefits they deserve and are entitled to."