A SHOP in Abbeyview has been given a written warning over concerns it's been selling alcohol to underage customers.

Police Scotland called for a review of DB Stores on Whitelaw Road at the Fife Licensing Board recently on the basis that the premises licence had been breached for failing to comply with the age verification policy.

Dunfermline councillor Garry Haldane, who sits on the board, explained that because alcohol had not been sold by the owner it had been "difficult to pin down" whether the owner was aware of what was taking place.

"Unless you can prove the owner knew what was going on then there was not enough to charge or convict," said Cllr Haldane.

"However, the police still had concerns and will be more vigilant.

"The store has to put things in place to mitigate this happening again.

"For example, CCTV must cover the whole of the premises.

"If anything happens again and they come in front of the board then we can suspend their licence."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "In order for Police Scotland to ensure public safety we work closely with partner agencies, licensed premises and retailers to provide support and advice to staff to prevent crime and remind them of their responsibilities.

"On 4 November, officers attended the Fife Licensing Board and provided information relating to potential breaches of the licence conditions for the premises DB Stores, Whitelaw Road in Dunfermline.

"The determination of the board was to give the licence holder a written warning."