EFFORTS are still being made to tackle parking issues around Lloyds Banking Group's Pitreavie premises.

Earlier this year, parking problems outside the business park offices led to Fife Council taking action and repainting double yellow lines and increasing their patrols in the area to clamp down on the issue.

However, this has meant more workers leaving their vehicles further down the road which is causing problems when larger vehicles attempt to come through.

With the bank now placing rocks on the grass verges of approach roads to the call centre to prevent cars parking there, fears have been raised that the problem will get worse.

Measures which Lloyds Banking have used so far in their efforts to combat problem-parking include the introduction of their own parking attendant to maximise space used in their car park and encouraging car-sharing between colleagues.

A Lloyds Banking Group spokesperson said: “We are working hard to ensure that our colleagues are able to use the onsite parking that is available for them and therefore keep the use of other nearby publicly-available spaces to a minimum.”

Fife Council's lead consultant in traffic management, Phil Clarke, added: "Lloyds Banking group advised us earlier this year that they were looking to extend their car park, which would enable their staff to park on site and not on the public road.

"We have no plans to extend waiting restrictions at this time as vehicles parked in accordance with the Highway Code do not present a road safety hazard at the present time."