YOUNGSTERS desperate to see Dunfermline skatepark upgraded believe a new facility would be a boost to the town.

Disappointed by the dilapidated facility near Public Park, Queen Anne High pupil Hamish Ward had the idea to improve it and, thanks to help from the Dunfermline Regeneration Trust (DRT), wheels are in motion to make the dream a reality.

Hamish, 16, from Crossford, has been a skateboarder for the last two years and says some of his peers won’t even use the current skatepark at the back of Carnegie Hall as they believe it’s too “dangerous”.

He told the Press: “I’ve used the skatepark for a while now but the state of it is very, very poor. Lots of people don’t even want to use it any more because it is so bad.

“I’m still using it because it is convenient and local but it’s at the point now where it’s starting to get dangerous.

“Driving elsewhere is a hassle though and I imagine that people who are considering skating might be put off by that.

“The skatepark is nothing like others locally. At Ballingry, the surface is much smoother so if you fall you just slide but, at Dunfermline, if you fall, you might rip your arm.

“There is a competition each year as part of the Fresh Air Festival and there you can see the interest in the skatepark and I believe that Dunfermline will get more interest if we make it better.

“It definitely has potential!”

The project gained momentum when Hamish happened to have a chance encounter with a member of the DRT.

The idea to upgrade the skatepark was put forward to the group earlier this year who decided they were on board.

Since then, a dedicated group has been set up made up of DRT members and skatepark users.

Now the group is looking for more youngsters to get involved so they can start drawing up designs.

They want to ensure the new skatepark reflects the needs and desires of the community and could accommodate skateboarding, rollerblading, scooters, BMX-ing and parkour (free-running).

A public survey has also found that 68 per cent of respondents agreed that an upgraded skatepark would enhance Dunfermline.

The project has cross-party support from the local MSP, MP and councillors.

Hamish continued: “A few people have tried to do something in the past but, as a teenager, it’s hard to get somewhere without support from others.

“I know groups have gone to the council before but not got anywhere with it, so it is great to have support from DRT.

“We’re trying to do a bit of community engagement at the moment and planning to film a video that we’ll put out to secondary and primary schools.

“We’re hoping we’ll get a group of students that are enthusiastic about the skatepark and will help come up with some designs.”

Recently, DRT was awarded their first financial support directly linked to their ‘Skate Ride Parkour Park’ project.

The Co-Op Local Community Fund has confirmed that the DRT’s skatepark project has been selected to take part in its funding scheme for local causes.

Under this scheme, members of the Co-Op can nominate a local cause to receive one per cent of their spending on the Co-Op’s own-brand products and services.

Anybody who wants to support the skatepark project can find it online at where they can sign in or become a member.

Money raised will help the DRT in the initial stages of their project to build a new skatepark.