SIGNS to help prevent suicide and heartbreak across Dunfermline and West Fife are being called for by a local councillor.

The tragedy of so many men and women taking their own lives led to the Press launching our We Need To Talk campaign in July, aiming to raise awareness of mental health and supporting the agencies and charities trying to help those in crisis.

Dunfermline North councillor Gavin Ellis, who tried to save a man from hanging himself over a decade ago, has asked Fife Council to introduce signage at well-known suicide spots in the area to prevent further deaths.

He said: “We have to do more. I want to see signs put in place at, and on the way to, known locations in Dunfermline and West Fife where people have taken their own lives.

“I’m hoping they can make those people have a re-think, consider the lasting impact on their friends and family and then walk away and seek the help they need.”

The Press previously reported in August that police officers in Fife are having to deal with cases of suicide nearly every day.

Cllr Ellis praised the Press campaign for our “sensitive and considerate” reporting of recent tragedies and highlighting the local services on offer to those who are struggling.

He recently visited Andy’s Man Club to learn more about the charity and witness first-hand how vital the service is to local men.

“Andy’s Man Club is a credit to Dunfermline,” he said.

“I’m hoping Fife Council will be able to work with them and have their information, as well as other local groups, displayed on the signage.

“My vision is to have the signs carry their details and hopefully it can encourage people who were considering suicide to visit them, talk to people and see that there’s help available.”

His motion to the City of Dunfermline Area Committee, which sits on Tuesday, will call for a report that will consider how the local authority can address suicide.

He said the Samaritans work with Network Rail to have their contact information displayed at railway stations.

Mr Ellis sated: “This motion simply calls for the council to bring forward a report on how we can support our residents in these dark times by placing similar signage in our known suicide locations and with information on our local groups that can offer the help and assistance that may be needed.”