A TRIO of Dunfermline mums have helped raise more than £15,000 for Woodmill High.

Tricia Hunter, Heather Brennan and Sharon Scott decided to start off their fundraising effort after seeing the devastation left when fire ripped through the school in August.

Having held their “Grand Finale” event last week, they were delighted to have helped gather a total of £15,222.

“On the night of the fire, a group of us mums decided we would help,” said Tricia. “Our water had been turned off and we were thinking we have no water, those firemen have no water either.

“We went to the shops round about in Abbeyview and they were giving us bottles of water, cans of juice. Tesco sent a van load of juice and food, a lot of shops were giving us takeaways.

“From the initial days of the actual fire until a couple of days later, we thought our kids have lost all this. My son is 26 years old and he went to Woodmill and he did fundraising back then for extra things for the school that the kids wanted.

“We knew Fife Council would take care of the initial basics the kids need but what about all the things the kids have fundraised for through sponsored walks, sleep outs and other events?

“We thought there’s enough of us, let’s get together and see what we can raise. We did bag packing at Tesco, that went amazing and thought what else can we do.

"Everybody, not just in Abbeyview, was amazing. It carried on and before we knew it we thought we would have a grand finale and we hit the the £15,000 mark.”

Tricia said they had been delighted with the response from the community.

“It has been staggering – it is not like we were once struggling. Everybody was so brilliant to raise the money for the kids at Woodmill. We worked as a sub group from the Tryst Centre.

"They let us use the building when we wanted to and that was our base. Abbeyview Bowling Club let us use their facilities for two fundraisers and the local shops gave us vouchers for prizes.”

The mums are due to meet Woodmill High rector Sandy McIntosh along with members of the school’s parent association to discuss possible ways for the cash to be spent.

“Fife Council run a great school but we want it to go back for the kids,” added Tricia. “Kids who have raised sponsorship money – we want to give them a bit of those things back that they have raised money to buy.

"There’s a lot of beautiful artwork on the walls that they have fundraised to get.”

A concert is taking place in Dunfermline this week where proceeds will go to Woodmill High School’s music department.

Noteables Community Choir are performing a celebration of American music in St Margaret’s RC Church on Friday, December 6 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £7 (£5 for concessions) and are available by emailing noteableschoir@gmail.com or calling 07870 455141.