THE first commissioned portrait of Andrew Carnegie since one by Andy Warhol in the 1980s is set to be unveiled.

Artist Calum Calvin has been working on his masterpiece at the Carnegie Birthplace Museum since October and was hoping to have it completed by Monday, the date of Carnegie's birthday.

Visitors to the award-winning facility have been able to see Calum in action while working on his masterpiece in recent months.

His combination of painting, photography and installation sets out to capture the identity of his subject in all its physical and speculative dimensions.

The Carnegie Dunfermline Trust commissioned the unique portrait for the place of Carnegie’s birth, to mark the centenary of his death.

Calum said the project came "out of the blue". He explained: "It was on the back of a project I had done in the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. It was slightly different being asked to go into a museum surrounded by Carnegie.

"It has been quite interesting to work in that environment because all the research you would normally do is there so it was quite handy.

"I am getting towards the end of the painting stage then it is the photographing and the tiny details."

Calum has been creating his work of art while also carrying out his teaching job in Dundee.

"I live in Edinburgh but I teach in Dundee at the art school so Dunfermline is sort of half-way," he added. "It has been quite interesting. You get a feel for the type of people who come round the museum. It is not like an art gallery, it is a different kind of audience. There are a lot of kids coming in and there's a dynamic with that and then there's also a lot of tourists and a lot of Americans who are interested in Carnegie."