AN INVERKEITHING High School pupil this week helped launch a book aimed at raising awareness of domestic abuse.

Ellie Beat, who is currently in sixth year, spoke at the event to mark the release of charity Saje Scotland's book 'Her-Story Rewritten' which has been written by 22 women who have been able to find the charity.

A chronicles of domestic abuse in all its forms, it is hoped the book will open up a wider conversation that resonates with and reflects all people.

Ellie was asked to speak at the event after she became more aware of the organisation last year when she was taking part in a Youth Philanthropy Initiative.

"My year group was challenged to choose a charity that they could potentially win £3000 for," she said. "Many of the other groups in my year chose cancer charities, which is great, however we wanted to choose a charity that related to an issue that we felt was not spoken about enough.

"So my group chose a domestic violence charity to work with. We found Saje who shone a light on such a horrible issue. We met with them and they gave us so many resources which helped us prepare for the first round.

"Sadly we didn’t get past the first round, but it left me thinking what other ways I could raise awareness of domestic abuse especially relating to young people, and to help promote Saje and the fantastic support they give to victims of female domestic abuse."

After continuing her relationship with Saje, Ellie was asked to speak at Wednesday's book launch – something she admitted being nervous about.

"I really believe that Saje do a great job with helping women who have experienced domestic abuse, so I agreed immediately to speak when Janet, the founder of the charity, asked me to. I think if you're given a chance to talk about something that you're passionate about then it would be sad to miss it," she added.

"My passion for the issue of domestic abuse comes from speaking to the team at Saje and, sadly, knowing girls my age who have already been in relationships where signs of domestic abuse have appeared – especially coercive control and gaslighting.

"I just hope that talking about it, and trying to bring better education about it into schools will make a difference."

The charity's founder and director Janet Henderson said the book was about empowerment and change.

"Everybody has a different experience yet there's the same thread that runs through them," she explained. "It will resonate with so many people."

Saje Scotland runs groups around Fife – including Dunfermline – for any woman who wants support and information of how to move towards living a life free of abuse. The groups look at the wide range and types of abuse women can experience and the impacts of abuse on women, children and our society.

All women in the groups will have experience domestic abuse at some time in their life. As well as peer support, the groups provide friendship, support and fun.