PARENTS in Rosyth rallied together this morning (Monday) to protest against the "dangerous" walking route to Inverkeithing High School.

A planned demonstration walk attracted attention from across three Rosyth primary schools, as well as politicians and the town's community council who joined in support.

They believe their kids’ lives are at risk by having to cross the M90 slip road to get to school.

The walk-to-school route from Rosyth to Inverkeithing was deemed safe by Fife Council after a summer assessment.

Officers are yet to undertake a winter assessment.

The decision meant that Rosyth families have had no help with transport costs and protesters believe they are left with a choice of risking their child’s safety or more financial burdens.

Despite a 1,000-signature petition and multiple attempts by local councillors to revoke the decision, parents feel they are being “ignored”.

Organiser Kerry Humphries previously told the Press: “We presented a petition, councillors have done everything to try to change it and it’s all fallen on deaf ears.

“We feel like we’re being ignored.

“We’re not going to go away – parents are either driving or having to pay £10 a week for transport.

“We now have to make a noise.”

It was back in January that the Press first highlighted that kids would have to cross the M90 slip road as a ‘safe route’ to get to and from Inverkeithing.

The issue has escalated since King’s Road and Camdean primary schools were moved to Inverkeithing High in the secondary school catchment shake-up.

More to follow in Thursday's Press.