CHRISTMAS wishes have come true for a Rosyth schoolboy who desperately needs a powered wheelchair!

Caring West Fifers have rallied round to raise funds for eight-year-old Frankie Haddow, who struggles to walk.

In just TWO months, enough money had been donated not only for the Camdean Primary pupil to get his own electric wheelchair but also to cover insurances costs, aftercare and a down payment for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle to help out his family.

A staggering £15,000 has been given from the Mary Leishman Foundation and Craws Nest Trust, a Go Fund Me page, a charity match, businesses and friends and family.

Mum Nicola said: "We're hoping for a Christmas miracle.

"The wheelchair is being designed specifically for Frankie as we speak so fingers crossed he gets it for Christmas!

"He's excited to get his chair – he keeps asking me when it's coming!

"We're quite overwhelmed by it all but I think he's more excited!"

Frankie was a happy, healthy little boy when he took ill suddenly just before his second birthday.

He was diagnosed with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, which left him paralysed from the neck down for two weeks.

Frankie faced a long recovery process but his physical health has deteriorated more recently and the family is now coming to terms with the reality that he won’t be able to walk.

Frankie has access to a powered chair at Camdean – but when the school day is done it is locked in a classroom unused.

The Haddows have been fighting for a chair at home all year but resorted to finding the funds themselves.

"We can't believe we've reached the target," Nicola added.

"We have to thank our amazing community for giving our wee boy his freedom this Christmas.

"I never thought about it this way but it is as expensive as a car and we're just absolutely amazed.

"The chair will give more height so he'll be to able to walk along with his friends and just be one of them again.

"They're all little things to others but make a big difference to Frankie and our family."