A HOT-HEADED pensioner broke the arm of a golf club professional in a violent attack, then began stalking him.

Lawrence Ogilvie, 70, viciously assaulted golf pro Chris Nugent in a row over a pair of sunglasses.

For that offence the Cairneyhill grandad was ordered to pay his victim £6,000 compensation at the end of last year.

He did so but also began paying unwelcome visits to the Nugent family home where he would stare into the window.

This behaviour began not long after his assault conviction and went on for around 10 weeks.

It has now resulted in Ogilvie being convicted of stalking and a five-year non-harassment order has been put in place to protect the family. He was also fined £100.

Ogilvie has been warned if he breaches the court order, he will be facing a jail sentence.

Ogilvie, of Glen Moriston Drive, Cairneyhill, was back in the dock for a trial at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He was convicted of a charge that between January 1 and March 23 at an address in Cairneyhill, he engaged in a course of conduct which caused Christopher Nugent and his wife fear or alarm by walking and driving past their home repeatedly, stopping and staring through their windows.

Ogilvie bizarrely claimed that his dog had pulled him in the direction of the Nugents’ home during a walk and that when he slowed down in a car there, he was simply testing the vehicle.

Sheriff Alastair Brown did not believe him and said: “I take the view that the effect on the Nugents has been quite significant.

“I also take the view that this was mean, was done out of a sense of grievance and was a misplaced attempt to assert himself.”

He added: “I am satisfied that the driving and walking were just a pretext for being in their street.”

He observed that Ogilvie had previously been a man of “unimpeachable character” until these offences.

He told him that he could return to that role and a line would be drawn under these episodes if he stayed out of further trouble.

However, he also warned him that breaching the court order “would take you to prison”.

The trouble started one morning in August 2017 when Ogilvie stormed into the club pro’s shop demanding a replacement pair of sunglasses for ones he had purchased there.

Mr Nugent was sent sprawling into a metal clothes holder, breaking his arm, before Ogilvie began choking him and making threats to get him and his family.

The shocking incident shattered the usual calm atmosphere at Dunfermline Golf Club, Crossford.

After a two-day trial Ogilvie was found guilty of assault to severe injury. At sentencing last December, he was ordered to pay £6,000 compensation and to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.