Fly-tippers have dumped rubbish just a few short minutes from Dalgety Bay Recycling Centre. 

This time its a freezer, a TV and a whole range of furniture in the Cochrane Way area of the industrial estate. 

Photos were posted on What's Happening Dalgety Bay? Facebook group where readers were outraged by the criminal behaviour. 

One gentleman said: " It’s utterly insane when you can take all that stuff to the dump. Just a few minutes away. Lunacy."

The Press has previously reported that companies without licences advertise on Facebook to dispose of waste for nominal fees and instead illegally fly-tip. 

One woman added: "There’s a lot of ‘companies’ on FB advertising rubbish removals, quote silly cheap prices and I discovered didn’t turn up once I asked for a receipt/invoice ....never heard from them again.

"If you get quoted £15 for having a washing machine and other stuff removed then it’ll end up dumped!"

Any illegally dumped rubbish should be reported to Fife Council.