FIFE COUNCIL have brought back a grit bin to an Inverkeithing street – much to the delight of locals.

Port Street had gone without the valuable service for some time before a resolution was found recently to return it.

Although the road has not been adopted by the council, legal services have ruled that they are responsible for it.

The local authority's transportation services have therefore now placed a new grit bin on Port Street.

Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay councillor Alice McGarry said: "It's a very steep street for pedestrian access and for a long time the bin has been called for.

"We've had discussions for a while about this and it was then viewed, after legal advice, that the council had responsibility for it.

"I'm glad because it's a really valuable street for people and if the weather isn't great and there's ice on the ground, you have to take a very long way around and you're looking at adding five to 10 minutes to your journey at the very least."

As reported previously in the Press, grit bins around West Fife were removed last year after a council review of winter service policy led to a reduction in their number around the area.

Dunfermline resident Liane Harvey, who lives in Craigston Park, voiced her concerns about the loss of their bin, fearing a car could end up in her front garden again due to the removal.

Tracey Frain, of Shaw Street in Dunfermline, had also vented her anger about the lack of grit when the bin that served her road was taken away.

And a Rosyth man who called for the power of the Press to help him get a grit bin returned to Walter Hay Court in Rosyth was delighted when his concerns were addressed by Fife Council and the bin was reinstated.