FIRE STATION CREATIVE are hosting a special exhibition to raise funds for Safe To Say, a not-for-profit charity that helps survivors of abuse and trauma.

Around 80 artists from across the Dunfermline area have each submitted a small postcard-sized panel for the show, which runs from this evening (Thursday) until Sunday, February 2.

The title and theme of the exhibition is ‘The Colour of Saying’, based on the poem by Dylan Thomas – for those who feel the need to be heard in order to recover, this is a fitting title.

Safe To Say director Sue Hampson said: "Sexual abuse is a secretive crime held in place by silence.

"Children are threatened, told they won’t be believed and will be responsible for the break-up of the family if they tell.

"They often feel they are to blame and, for some, it is the only way they get attention and love, and are often unaware they are victims of a crime."

She continued: "Due to austerity, we have found that many organisations are unable to pay for the training they require to address childhood sexual abuse trauma.

"We would like to be able to offer reduced and free training to those working closely with vulnerable groups throughout Fife and Scotland.

"We also want to raise funds for our next documentary film based on survivors of abuse in football in Scotland."

The exhibition opens tonight from 7pm, Scottish rapper Loki (also known as Darren McGarvey) will be performing and it's free entry.