GROUPS of teenagers looked on in disbelief as they surveyed the ruins of their beloved school that dreadful Monday morning back in August.

What started as a small fire on the afternoon of August 25 turned into an inferno, leaving a large part of Woodmill High destroyed.

Feelings of anger and shock swept the community and, for pupils, confusion as to where they would go to school in the coming months.

Grateful to be back on site for the first time this week after the blaze, Eilidh Thomson, S5, told the Press it was a "surreal moment" seeing her school go up in flames.

"It was my friend's family who were the first ones to call the fire brigade so I came to see what was happening as the fire started," she said.

"We just watched as it went up in flames.

"It was quite a surreal moment."

Sitting in a newly-refurbished science lab, Eilidh added: "It's nerve-racking to come back to our school but also exciting.

"This classroom is not like it was before!

"It's nice to be back to something familiar.

"I've been at Fife College for the last few months and they gave us all the classrooms and resources we needed – they were very nice.

"Exams were my initial fear but I don't think we have really been set back.

"I think it might be a bit more stressful and we've got our prelims starting this week but our teachers have worked extremely hard making sure we're up to date.

"They've always told us what we are going to be doing so we've not been stressed.

"I would like to thank for them for all that they've done and everybody else that has helped our school.

"It will be a bit weird not seeing all the different years around school but hopefully we'll soon be all together."

S4 pupils Michael Woods and Jack Foster have been taking two buses every day to get to their host school at Inverkeithing High.

While checking out their new surroundings in the modular accommodation, the boys told the Press they were "relieved" to be back at the Woodmill site.

Jack said: "The temporary classrooms are nice to be fair.

"They're definitely an improvement and it's nice to work in a comfy and warm space.

"After the fire, we didn't know what was going on but it did settle down.

"It's far better being in your own school though and I'm quite relieved to be back as I didn't enjoy it very much being away."

Michael added: "I couldn't believe what happened at first.

"I just thought the DAS unit would be affected but then realised it was quite serious.

"It was very difficult at first but it seemed to get sorted after a few weeks.

"It's much better to have all the facilities we need here.

"With the disruption it was quite a worrying time.

"We're glad to be back."

Despite the trauma experienced by thousands through the events, community spirit has shone through and over the last four months, more than £100,000 has been donated.

Parent Council member Kirsty Boyd's two children attend Woodmill High.

"It was initially shock and then uncertainty over where they would go," she said.

"But I thought Fife Council were great at getting them sorted so quickly at other places.

"Teachers have gone over and beyond driving from school to school, they've just been amazing.

"Management of the school have kept everything together, their communication has been great.

"I'm really happy with the accommodation, it has never been so clean!

"I don't think having the temporary classrooms will be to the detriment to any kids going forward."