A DUNFERMLINE depute headteacher will take on 10 marathons in 10 days just a year after giving birth to her daughter.

Avril O'Donnell, 38, who works at Carnegie Primary School, has completed 51 marathons to date but after giving birth to Mia in April decided to push herself further to get back the motivation to run again.

In May, she will run the Windermere Marathon course for 10 consecutive days for 262 miles in a charity challenge for the Brathay Trust, who help vulnerable and disadvantaged young people living in the UK.

Training has not been without its challenges already either with a young baby and three other children in the family!

Often Avril can be seen running with a few young ones in tow.

She told the Press: "I ran my first marathon in 2013 and then took on another one quite quickly after that so I caught the running bug!

"After Mia was born, I was looking for something to motivate me again and as my partner had already done the 10-day challenge I thought that was something I'd like to do too.

"Normally, my job wouldn't allow me to take time off at that time of year but I'll still be off on maternity leave so it's probably the only chance I'll ever get to do it."

Avril is hopeful she can raise £5,000 for charity and has already been supported by strangers who are amazed that anyone could run 10 marathons in a row!

"My partner has been very honest with me about how difficult it's going to be and how much it's going to hurt," the mum added.

"I have obviously witnessed him doing it but I still don't think I really know what it's really going to be like until the day.

"I've done a double marathon before and even that was hard!

"I know I'll be really tired but I'll just aim to get to the start line every morning.

"As it's so intense we have our own physios so we're well looked after!"

When Mia was eight-weeks-old Avril started to get back out running and she will be often racking up the miles alongside her kids, who are often a source of encouragement.

"It was all very gradual at first, "Avril said.

"And since Mia turned six months I've been out with the running buggy.

"I normally get the kids out to school and take Mia out with me in time for a nap!

"Family also help out otherwise it's either going out at 6am or at night. It's a juggling act but we love it as much as it can be a chore to get out!

"I hope that running with a buggy will have given me extra endurance!

"We also go out sometimes as a family with the kids on bikes. They love coming along to the events and it's definitely encouraged us to get a bit more active with the kids.

"When I've told people what I'm doing they don't believe me!

"I think it seems hard enough to do a marathon so they just can't get their head around it.

"I don't know how I'm going to do it either but I'm going to try!"