A LEARNER driver and driving instructor landed themselves in deep water on Saturday.

The pair were out on a lesson when they became stranded in flood water on Grange Road in Rosyth.

The road had to be closed at around midday and firefighters at the scene pumped "a volume" of water away to make the area safe. The car was recovered before the route was opened up again later in the afternoon.

Michael Hughes, owner of the Max Pass Driving School, said another instructor was giving a lesson at the time and found that conditions had worsened very quickly.

"The driving instructor had gone down there about 15 minutes before and everything was fine but things must have changed with water coming off the fields or something and that is where it was an error," he explained.

"Things like this can happen and people have to learn from these things and the instructor himself knows he made an error. It was a human error like everyone can make. If you had been through before, you would expect it to be similar but it had changed.

"It is a learning curve for everyone. You think it looks OK and it looks fine. He will probably never make that mistake again. Hopefully, people can understand that. Once you go, you cannot do anything about it.

"Everyone managed to get out safely. The car is fine. It is at the garage and they need to do some servicing things. It was just not turning over."