A WOMAN was grabbed by the hair, pulled to the ground and bitten by her former partner.

Craig Hynd, 50, of Blairadam Crescent, Kelty, was found guilty of two charges at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He had denied that on November 17, at an address in Kelty, he assaulted the woman by seizing her by the hair and pulling her down, placed his arm around her neck and bit her on the body to her injury.

He also denied he banged on a window, demanded entry, shouted, swore and used offensive language.

The incident happened in the early hours of the morning after the estranged couple had been out for a drink in the local area separately.

Hynd had gone to the woman’s home and an altercation took place outside her front door.

She said Hynd came to her back door, banging on the window screaming.

He then went to the front door and forced the door fully open when it was on the chain, as she spoke to him.

She said: “He pulled me by the hair and put me in a headlock. We ended up on the ground in a neighbour’s garden. He held my arms.”

Ms Dair said she was bitten on the fingers and then on the chest, leaving marks.

After youths in the house had intervened, Hynd later came to her back door, banging on the window screaming, and smeared blood on her back window, writing the word “Die”.

Hynd, a construction manager, told a very different version of events, claiming he had been assaulted by youths in the house.

He said he had gone to the house to speak to the woman after the two of them argued on the phone.

He also claimed she had never told him their relationship was over, in contrast to what she had told the court.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia accused Hynd of “telling a pack of lies and making this up as you go along”.

Hynd denied this but Sheriff Alastair Brown found him guilty. He called for reports and Hynd will be sentenced on February 6.