THE power of the Press has helped restore access to a Dalgety Bay pensioner's back garden.

John Swallow, who is 96, contacted the Press after refuse collectors had knocked a coping stone off his wall when collecting his bins just before Christmas.

With the slab blocking access to his Hopetoun View garden, his daughter had contacted the council asking for them to come back and sort it to be told that the same binmen would not be able to do that because of "health and safety" reasons.

After being asked if a family member or neighbours could just move it – Mr Swallow contacted the Press in an attempt to get the saga resolved.

"On the Monday before Christmas, the bins were emptied as usual," he explained. "My daughter, who is staying with me at the moment, noticed when she opened the blinds in the morning that the coping stone was lying on the steps and blocking it completely. She phoned before Christmas and they said they would send someone one but no-one came. She phoned on Monday (last week) to see what progress there was.

"They asked could she not lift it or, if not, what about one of the neighbours? My daughter has had a double hip operation so there's no chance at all. My next door neighbour to the right is in her seventies and has a heart monitor so she cannot lift it and the neighbour at the other side is waiting for a shoulder operation so there's no chance.

"My daughter said what about the binmen, why can't they lift it? They said they could not touch these things under health and safety regulations but they have a workforce so you would think somewhere along the line they could do it."

Thankfully, after the Press contacted Fife Council on Friday, council workers came out and moved the slab on Monday morning and have now got it back on the wall where it belongs.

"Thank you very much," a delighted Mr Swallow told the Press. "Someone arrived and sorted it completely. I am delighted you have done that for me."