A VOLUNTEER has found new hope working for two charity shops in Dunfermline after he was told he was no longer wanted by the British Heart Foundation.

There was a public outcry after Dale Murphy, who has learning difficulties, was told that he was no longer needed at the furniture store at Queen Anne Street after five years by the charity, who then appealed for more volunteers the next day.

Angered by what had happened to his son, dad Hugh Murphy took to social media and branded the charity the “British Heartless Foundation”.

The Press ran the story and he was overwhelmed by the response. Now, Dale, who attended Woodmill High, has been offered hours at Cancer Research and Barnados.

Speaking on Monday, Hugh told the Press: "He's just texted me saying he is really enjoying working at Cancer Research!

"So we're very happy that something has been sorted so quickly!"

The British Heart Foundation told the Press last week that they were taking the matter "extremely seriously" and would meet Dale's family.

Hugh added: "I met with the regional manager and the head of volunteering who flew up from Cornwall.

"They were very apologetic, in fact, they couldn't have been any more apologetic.

"They assured that this would never happen again.

"They welcomed Dale back but to be honest I don't think he would go now that he's volunteering elsewhere.

"They are going to send Dale a personal letter too which I know he will really appreciate.

"I am pleased with the way they have handled it and I think lessons have been learned.

"He's happy at Cancer Research and Barnados though so that's the main thing."