NEXT-DOOR neighbours in Rosyth were left without homes for four MONTHS when their properties flooded last summer.

Damage costing "thousands of pounds" was caused to two bungalows on Park Road when Brankholm Burn burst its banks.

In August, the Press met Annette Young and witnessed the damage caused by a foot of water in her home.

Nearly half a year later, the Press met Annette again and learned this week that both her and her neighbour, Maureen Young, only got back into their bungalows just before Christmas.

Panic set in last Wednesday night for both of the ladies when flash-flooding caused water levels to rise again – thankfully it was too low to get into their properties this time.

Anne, of 3 Park Road, said: "I was just so angry.

"They've done nothing since August and it's my place that seems to get it first.

"Thankfully, it didn't come in but I could see it actually bumbling up from under the ground.

"I mean, could you imagine if I had to tell the insurance company that it happened again?!"

In Anne's property, pretty much everything you see is new from white goods to furniture, and of course flooring.

She even had to get all of her clothes taken to the launderette.

"People tell me it's OK because I've got new stuff but everything had sentimental value and there are things I can't replace.

"You can imagine why I went ballistic last night."

Annette, along with Maureen, stayed in the DoubleTree Hilton for the first few weeks of the crisis but then ended up renting a flat together in Dunfermline for several months.

Maureen's two cats also had to be put into a cattery – that alone cost several hundred pounds a month.

Maureen, of 5 Park Road, said: "It's a threat all the time.

"It starts raining and you start looking out of the window out of concern.

"It seems to be fine and then it's flooded in such a short space of time.

"I've lost an album of photos of my husband, who died five years ago, so you can't replace everything.

"I had 51 boxes when I came back to unpack – it was just like moving all over again."

Both women are not satisfied with the response from the authorities regarding flooding in Rosyth.

Maureen told the Press that Park Road just becomes a lake if there is heavy rain.

"Dickson and Elgin Street have all spent money on flood protection so why can't they do the same here?

"We just want them to do something!"

Annette added: "If something has been going on for 40 years I don't understand why you wouldn't fix it.

"The money spent on our two homes could have done something to help.

"There is no long-term thinking. Fortunes must have been spent bring out emergency services every time it happens.

"You need to spend money to save money."