FIFE COUNCIL has stepped in to save jobs – and provide care – after the collapse of a Dunfermline-based care company.

A public notice in last week's Press revealed that a petition had been presented to Dunfermline Sheriff Court on January 15 to wind up Like2Care Ltd and appoint a liquidator.

For some of its 25 staff, the notice was the first they had heard about the situation although fears had been raised because wages had not been paid into their accounts on Thursday morning.

One worker said she had been working on a back shift and had been trying to find out all day what was happening before eventually receiving an email at 7.30pm.

"We all continued to finish our shift that night as home carers knowing we were doing it for free," she said. "I am ever so grateful to the council for giving us this work – all I want is answer to why it took 15 days from being in court letting us work for free knowing he wouldn't be able to pay our wages."

The Press contacted Like2Care for a comment and received a statement from management.

It said: "We have worked hard to make sure that all our staff continue to have jobs and all our clients' service are maintained. It is difficult times."

Fife Health and Social Care Partnership's head of strategic planning, performance and commissioning, Fiona McKay, said they received notification last week that Like2Care, one of the care providers which they use, had gone into administration.

"This is a difficult time for all involved and we would like to thank the Like2Care, Partnership and Fife Council staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure the consistency of care to the 54 people receiving care services," she said.

"The company also employs 25 staff. Given the urgency of the situation, an interim solution has been put in place and the Like2Care staff have transferred over to the Partnership until a permanent solution can be put in place. We will work with Scottish Care, the Care Inspectorate and staff to progress this.

"The users of care services will see no difference to their care packages and we will continue to deliver safe and quality services."