A RACIST Saline woman assaulted a taxi driver because he wouldn't take her home.

Julie Greig, 39, of West Saline House, was caught on CCTV taking umbrage when the driver refused to take the fare without the accused having cash on her.

The taxi driver can be heard shouting "help me, help me" as Greig struggles with the victim, kicking him and damaging his vehicle.

She previously admitted that on December 28, at Carnegie Drive, Dunfermline, she behaved in a threatening or abusive manner which was likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm in that she did shout, swear, act in an aggressive manner, utter threats of violence and utter racist remarks.

Also, without reasonable excuse, she wilfully or recklessly destroyed or damaged property belonging to another by removing a taxi meter from its mount and striking a windscreen, causing damage to it.

And he assaulted a taxi driver then in the course of his employment and kicked him repeatedly on the body.

CCTV pictures screened at Dunfermline Sheriff Court showed Greig in the front passenger seat of the car.

After saying the money for the trip was in her house, the taxi driver told her that he was not taking the fare without seeing the cash upfront.

While leaving the vehicle, she ripped out the meter and when the driver tried to phone the police, she attempted to snatch the device out of his hands.

A struggle then ensued and Greig kicked out with her legs before getting out and shouting racist remarks at the driver.

The court heard that Greig caused damage costing nearly £500.

Defence solicitor Richard Freeman said his client was "deeply ashamed" and "remorseful" about her behaviour.

"She could not bring herself to watch the CCTV last time and felt so sorry for the taxi driver," he said.

Mr Freeman said Greig had sold her car to pay the taxi driver for the damage.

"The context of what happened here is she had been drinking to excess, partly because it was Christmas time and partly it was self-medication," he explained.

The court was told that Greig had a personality disorder and the medication wasn't working.

Mr Freeman added: "In the past, she has phoned taxis with no money and they have allowed her to get the money from her house.

"That is what happened after this incident.

"But he had a good reason for not trusting that and she took exception.

"She could not understand, she flipped and completely lost it."

Sheriff Alastair Brown said: "I have heard it said on your behalf that you are deeply ashamed, remorseful and embarrassed.

"Having watched the CCTV, I think you have a right to be.

"The man was at work doing his job.

"He is entitled not to take you.

"You kicked off and that is unacceptable.

"The court also regards that type of behaviour as serious."

The sheriff imposed 200 hours of unpaid work and a compensation order to the victim for £468.