TALENTED youngsters from across Dunfermline and West Fife wowed audiences at the Fife Festival of Music.

The festival, which began at the Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline last week, is celebrating its 40th anniversary and supports and develops music-making in the community, running in three separate periods throughout the year.

Schools in Fife take part in both competitive and non-competitive classes for singers and instrumentalists

These events embrace a wide range of music, from clarsach to choirs, Scots songs to opera and strings, brass and percussion.

The opening day included performances from St Leonard's, Park Road, Pittencrieff, Canmore, Milesmark, Crossford, Pitreavie, Limekilns and McLean primary schools.

Chair Graeme Wilson said: "There have been some lovely performances from the schools.

"It's been thoroughly enjoyable after all their hard work and they presented themselves well.

"It's our 40th year but the festival is just as popular. We've been here since 1980 and we've been going on ever since.

"We're always moving forward.

"Of course there are the school performances but there's a whole range of things involving the community."

Further information on classes, times and venues are available from the festival website at www.ffom.org.uk.