There's a disastrous exhibition at Fire Station Creative ... and that's just how the artist likes it. 

Michael Kay Terence's Accidental show started in Dunfermline last week and is on display until March 1.

It features a range of exhibits which are drawn from unexpected happenings created by an accidental moment in time and boasts "constructed slapstick disasters".

"I find that playing with humour in my work really opens the door for a more open and thought-provoking discussion," he explained.

"A lot of my work is based on moments in time. There's an element of suspense. In the exhibition, there will be photography, video, sculpture and painting. It is quite a range and quite a lot of stuff. Everything bar two artworks have been made for the show. It is all new.

"I have never had a show in Dunfermline at all. I have only ever been through Dunfermline on the bus on the way to Inverness. Fire Station Creative is such a nice building and the whole of Dunfermline just looks amazing."

Entry to the exhibition is free.