PLANS for a new civic space and community hub in Dalgety Bay came a step closer after two consultation events.

The Dalgety Bay Community Trust – a not-for-profit company which wants to deliver positive changes in the town – hopes to build a civic space and a multi-purpose community hub.

Two sessions took place recently when residents were able to give their views about what they want to see for the area.

Trust chairperson Phil Evans said: "We have now spent about 12 months talking to the community in various places and this was the next step. We felt we were ready to ask them what they really wanted to see from a new civic space and community hub.

"Over the two days, we had about 50 people come along. We have had quite a lot of input over social media and that has helped as well.

"One of the great spin-offs is it has helped increase our membership. It has gone to about 110 members – 35 new ones have joined since January.

"We don't want to do something that the community doesn't want."

It’s hoped a civic square, which would be near to Louie Brown's and the parish church, would provide space for events such as a farmers’ market or Christmas stalls while a community hub would create a facility for a range of uses.

"There were a lot of ideas about both spaces," added Phil.

"People see the civic spaces as a space where they want to hold community events. The community has now started to recognise the space as a place to visit.

"It is in the heart of the town and is a place that people can use and also a place that is nice where people can stop for a bit of quiet contemplation or just take in the surroundings.

"Also on the community hub, it was interesting when we started talking to people. Dalgety Bay, even though it is only 50-years-old, people still think of it as really new.

"Now we have got maybe third or fourth generations of families and they are thinking about how they use the town, what facilities they want to see."

The trust now plans to assess the feedback from the weekend's events before deciding on their next steps and looking at funding.

"Hopefully, for the Civic Square, we would like to be able to start constructing that in 2021," said Phil.

"We are hoping to be able to raise the funds for that in the next 12 to 18 months.

"The community hall, we would really like to be well on the way by the time we get to the Dalgety Bay Diamond Jubilee in 2025.

"The diamond jubilee year is really what we are driving towards. It would be great for the town not just to celebrate the 60-year anniversary but also to have new facilities."

Anyone wanting to get involved with the work of the trust – or join up as a member – can find more details at