IT’S lights, camera, action for Dunfermline Cinema Project with the credits set to roll on their new town centre home in the summer.

They’ve now reached agreement with the Alhambra Theatre Trust to bring the magic of the movies, and reasonable admission prices, to the Ironmongers Studio on New Row.

Volunteers were determined to open a community cinema in the town centre after a Press campaign Press Take Action discovered the Odeon at Fife Leisure Park was the most expensive in Scotland.

And, after a deal fell through for an empty unit up the road, the trust stepped forward.

Graeme Spence, from Dunfermline Cinema Project, said: “We’ve had a massive amount of support online and the Facebook post (announcing the tie-up) is the most popular one we’ve had.

“Teaming up with the Alhambra is a good move for us and brings a lot of credibility to the project.

“It’s a done deal and a purpose-built building. It’s about 100-140 seats, there’s a balcony and ground floor and a mixed-use space.

“It’s good for them getting an anchor tenant in and hopefully planning will go through quite quickly. It’s the best of both worlds and we did a good deal with the Alhambra.”

Updated plans for the Ironmongers Studio, which include a 200-seat theatre and home for the Alhambra Stage School, are still to receive planning permission from Fife Council. 

The project will rent space within the centre and Graeme continued: “Our pricing structure, all our plans, they remain completely the same.

“We’ve still to finalise it but it’ll be along similar lines to the Kino in Leven and Glenrothes, which is about £6.50 for an adult ticket.

“We were really just waiting on a venue becoming available and, if all goes well with planning, I think we’ll be looking at opening in the summer.”

There are also plans to switch venues and show major blockbusters in the Alhambra Theatre itself, which the trust described as “a nostalgic nod to the building’s proud history as one of the town’s major cinemas during the golden age of the silver screen”.

Graeme added: “It’s one of the things we spoke about. We’ll be using the studio theatre for our regular programming but there may be some movies better suited to a bigger venue.

“You know the kind of films, like Star Wars, the Avengers, even Downton Abbey, there are some that come out that no matter how many seats you have, you’ll fill them.

“You can’t show every film in the Alhambra, it has something like 1,000 seats and you don’t want to be in there with 30 other people, but there may be some we can work together on.”

A statement from the trust said: “The recent campaign led by Dunfermline Cinema Project has shown there is a desire for cinema on a smaller and more intimate scale, and the trust are delighted to be able to provide not only purpose-built facilities, but also our own considerable and proven experience in bringing high-quality entertainment to Dunfermline.”

The cinema will provide a regular programme of first-run, classic and independent films and be based within the new performing arts centre at 64 New Row.

The trust added: “Patrons will see extraordinary theatre and cinema in a space inspired by the grandeur and glamour of the golden age of music hall, whilst benefitting from state-of-the-art and modern equipment.

“Cinema-goers can expect a programme featuring a broad range of first-run releases, family and autism-friendly screenings, and independent and foreign language releases.

“Films will be screened in magnificent high definition and in full surround sound within the fully accessible auditorium.

“All the refreshments and snacks expected by a modern cinema audience will be on offer, from sweets and popcorn, to locally-sourced craft beers and gins.”