A DUNFERMLINE woman says her independence has been taken away after a series of procedures on her hands left her unable to use them.

Norma Munro, 76, of Whitelaw Court, had several operations to treat carpel tunnel syndrome, however, more than a year on, she claimed both hands were now paralysed.

After three operations at the Queen Margaret Hospital, she said she was sent to the Victoria Hospital as she was still experiencing pain and numbness in her hands.

Electrolysis testing was carried out but this is what former nurse Norma believes has caused the paralysis.

When she returned to see her consultant, she claimed she received an apology and an explanation that the electrolysis tests shouldn't have been undertaken. A further procedure was then planned on one of the hands in an effort to remedy the situation.

"She said she was going to operate on my left hand as she said it might just release it and it might help," she said. "After she did the operation, a month later she took me in to check it and she said she shouldn't have done that and that she had only made it worse.

"Since then, I cannot dress myself right, I have to get someone to wash my hair. I have had enough. It is getting me down that much. They have taken away my independence. I am in that much pain I cannot sleep at night. They got me anti-depressants to try and help with the pain but I am not supposed to take them because of my other conditions."

Norma said she already has health difficulties including osteoporosis and sciatica which she said will eventually mean she needs to be in a wheelchair but she had expected this decline and had prepared herself for it.

"I can hardly walk but If I had my hands I would not care so much," she added. "At least I could do something for myself. My friend even has to come come and take meals out of the microwave as I don't have any feeling. They are just numb.

"I would be as well chopping them off because I cannot do anything with them."

NHS Fife chief executive Carol Potter said NHS Fife was unable to comment on individual cases for confidentiality reasons.

She added: "However, we would encourage Mrs Munro to contact our patient relations department so that we can look into the matter.”