A DUNFERMLINE pensioner celebrated the end of his parking fiasco on Saturday by toasting his pal – and the Press!

We reported last week that 79-year-old widower Jimmy Dick was fined by Fife Council for parking in a disabled space outside his home which he'd asked the authority to remove six YEARS ago.

The bay was for the use of his disabled wife, Mardell, and had been outside the Barrie Street home for around 30 years.

However, soon after her tragic death in a car crash in April 2014, he says the family asked for it to be taken away when they handed in her blue badge.

Jimmy said they requested the bay’s markings be removed again on January 21 through Fife Council’s online system.

However, two days later, he was shocked to be issued with a fine for parking in the space. He appealed but was told initially by the council there were no grounds for cancelling the fine.

His pal, Peter O'Sullivan, made a fresh appeal and just five days after the Press ran the story, the fine has been scrapped and the parking bay removed!

Jimmy rewarded Peter at the weekend for his efforts.

He told the Press: "I treated him to a non-alcoholic drink on Saturday – I bought his wife a half though!

"I have to thank Peter for all the help he's given me, and to the Press for highlighting this."

Peter was also delighted that the council had cleared the markings.

He said: "It's good to see that the council have come to their senses and closed this case."

The local authority had initially said at the beginning of this month that it could take up to six months to remove the bay.

However, council workers turned up unannounced on Tuesday morning to clear the line markings.

Jimmy said their arrival came "completely out of the blue".

He said: "I was very pleased to see them outside.

"I'm very happy that I can now put all of this behind me.

"It's been years and years of waiting for the space to be removed.

"I'm also delighted that the fine has been cancelled. I really thought I would have to pay it.

"I couldn't really believe it when I found out that I wasn't going to need to."

In a letter sent to Mr Dick last Thursday, Fife Council confirmed that his fine had been scrapped after an appeal.

Scott Blyth, lead consultant for car parking strategy and operations, stated: "The contents of your letter have been further considered and I am pleased to confirm that I have decided to take no further action.

"The penalty charge notice has now been cancelled and you may treat the matter as closed."