AN OAKLEY man who followed women around Debenhams and took photos of their bottoms has been placed on the sex offenders register.

James Brown, 22, of Blairwood Terrace, appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on June 13 at Debenhams, Kingsgate Shopping Centre, Dunfermline, he conducted himself in a disorderly manner and followed a number of females around the store, photographed or filmed their buttocks without their consent, placing them in a state of fear and alarm and committed a breach of the peace.

Defence solicitor Elaine Buist explained that her client was diagnosed with autism and struggled with social settings.

She said the incident was fuelled by alcohol.

Ms Buist said there could be problems if Brown was put on sex offenders register because he attended college and he might be around people that are under 18.

"It's unfortunate as it is the one place where he feels included," she said.

However, Sheriff Charles Macnair told him: "You went around Debenhams or you followed those girls in Debenhams and you took photographs of their buttocks without any consent.

"These photos were on your mobile phone and there was not just one photo, there were numerous photos in a number of places.

"Women are entitled to their privacy and not have photos of them taken without their consent.

"It's difficult to see what your motivation could have been apart from sexual."

The sheriff imposed 190 hours of unpaid work and Brown was placed on the sex offenders register for five years.