PITTENCRIEFF Primary pupils got back to basics last week to take part in a global day of play.

Children were allowed to be free and creative in their school, playground and the Glen for the day.

The school took part in the initiative, which promotes the importance of regular, unstructured play for the best development of children around the world.

Global Day of Play started in 2015 by educators concerned that children were too attached to devices, were assigned too much homework and anxiety and stress were soaring.

Now, more than 72 nations are involved, hoping to inspire kids to get out playing.

Suzanne Anderson, from Pittencrieff Primary, said: "The day was a tremendous success and the feedback from the children was that they would love to do this again.

"We had play in three areas; school, the playground and in the Glen.

"As a school, we have introduced a play-based curriculum in the early years as this is recognised to help children's development in skills such as co-operation, high-order thinking, perseverance and resilience.

"We very much value the importance of play in skills development and learning and this is why we wanted to take part in the Global Day of Play."