A High Valleyfield has been jailed after he was abusive to staff while completing an unpaid work order.

Sheriff Charles Macnair said he was not going to "inflict" Brian Waugh on community groups anymore.

Waugh, 30, of Ochilview Drive, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court as part of a review of his order.

He previously admitted that on August 14, 2019 he assaulted a man by repeatedly striking him on the head and committed this offence while on bail.

And, after being granted bail on April 23, 2018, on the condition that he did not enter an address in High Valleyfield or contact his ex-partner, he did on the same day contact the woman and failed without reasonable excuse to comply with the condition.

Sheriff Macnair said: "The offences that you initially pleaded guilty to are serious, namely, an assault whilst on bail.

"You were given the opportunity of a non-custodial sentence and you breached that order by acting aggressively towards staff members.

"Acting aggressively towards staff members while on a community payback order will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

"I am not going to inflict you on community groups again."

Waugh was jailed for eight months.