AFTER suffering from anxiety which made her give up her job, one Dunfermline mum couldn't have imagined setting up her own business.

However, after seeking help, Angela Gordon opened up her TeePee-SlumberStars, which offers magical sleepover party experiences for youngsters.

She explained: "I got diagnosed with anxiety disorder and suffered so badly that I had to leave the job I was in. I was at a stage where I was having panic attacks – I couldn't even go into a shop.

"I think, looking back, I have had anxiety all my life when I think about it. I was worrying about stupid things but it was really when my daughter started school and I was under a lot of pressure at work it started to come out.

"Things were happening. I remember being in Asda and panicking and I had to leave the shop. That was when I went to the doctors and said I needed help because I couldn't live like that – it was like an elephant standing on your stomach.

"It is not until now I have started to get past it and am going into situations I couldn't do before like going to the shops, taking the dog for a walk.

"It can affect anyone. There is no discrimination. I still see a therapist every month but it is such a difference."

After seeking help, mum-of-one Angela, who lives in Duloch, had read about TeePee businesses and decided to take the plunge and give it a go.

"I didn't think I would be able to work again and then I saw this concept that had started off in Australia and it has taken a lot of my anxiety away by focusing on that. It is something completely different," she said.

"I needed help and went to get help and now things that I never imagined I could do, I am doing. I am going into people's homes and setting up.

"There was not anything like it in Fife. I started in June last year and have done parties all over. It is pretty much just me but my husband helps out on occasions. We have done parties from Cowdenbeath to St Andrews and we do a lot in Dunfermline."

With party themes including unicorns, wizards, spas and Fortnite, Angela installs the teepees for birthday celebrations then returns the following day to clear up.

"I never thought a couple of years ago when I couldn't leave the house that I would be doing something like this," she added. "I am starting to do weddings as well so am going to trade shows and wedding fairs and meeting lots of nice people.

"If I can just help one person it would be great to show them what can be done."

Anyone wanting to find out more can visit Angela's website