A DUNFERMLINE ATHLETIC superfan has proved that bullies never win after his heartbreaking story made its way to his beloved club.

Eight-year-old Ollie Young “strutted into school like a celebrity” on Wednesday morning after an outpouring of love and support flooded in for him.

The youngster, from Dunfermline, wrote an upsetting letter to his mum on Monday night after another case of bullying at his school.

Ollie told her that he “hated himself”, felt “stupid” and that he was “terrible at football”.

The youngster’s words sparked his dad, Simon, into action as he sent ex-Pars star Gary Dempsey a message on social media hoping that he could put a smile back on his son’s face.

Ollie’s letter soon went viral online and, in the 24 hours that followed, his tears soon dried up and his beaming smile re-emerged.

Speaking exclusively to the Press, Ollie’s mum, Karen, said: “Ollie’s had ongoing issues at the school and it all really came to a head on Monday.

“He couldn’t sleep that night and he came downstairs into the lounge to give me the letter.

“He’s had a tough time at school recently and there was another incident while playing football on Monday which has been the catalyst. It’s just kids being cruel and giving him a hard time.

“He’s the most caring, loving boy and he’s never retaliated once.

“He was feeling very upset, and reading that he hated himself was heartbreaking.

“I can’t thank Gary Dempsey and Dunfermline Athletic enough for what they’ve done for him.

“It’s been amazing to see my boy smiling again.”

The Pars-daft youngster had been invited by head coach Stevie Crawford to be their special guest of honour this coming Tuesday at East End Park for their match with Inverness.

Karen recorded a video of Ollie accepting the invitation, in which he said: “Thank you everyone for your kind messages.

“Stevie, I’d love to be your special guest at the game. Hope to see you soon.”

Ex-Par Dempsey is also sending Ollie a signed shirt that he scored in while making his Dunfermline debut in 2002, and he hopes that he can meet up with him on Tuesday and go to the game together.

The Pars Foundation have also offered him the chance to come along to their Easter Football Camp.

Ollie and his family have been inundated with messages since the letter was shared, and Karen says that her son hasn’t stopped smiling since.

Karen said: “The difference in him is incredible.

“He’s gone from crying in his bed to being his usual, happy self.

“I showed Ollie all the messages and videos that people have sent to him and he was absolutely speechless – which makes a change!

“There were more tears again but this time they were happy tears.

“It’s truly been overwhelming for all of us.

“When my husband sent the first message to Gary, he never expected this level of response. Gary really got the ball rolling and I can’t thank him enough for all that he’s done.

“Ollie wants to have Gary’s shirt framed for his bedroom now!

“He always gets the new Pars kit every year – and the training kits, and everything else – but this one is definitely going to be the most special to him.

“Ollie is a huge Pars fan, just like his dad.

“There isn’t a Pars fact he doesn’t know and I swear if I hear Into the Valley on the Amazon Echo one more time ...”

A number of ex-Pars players have reached out to Ollie in the last few days, including Sheffield Wednesday first team coach Lee Bullen.

Former Dunfermline attacking midfielder Simon Donnelly encouraged him to keep playing.



Ex-Everton and Wales international Neville Southall also got in touch with Ollie, telling him that, "I would have you in my team always".