CARS in Camdean were written off after they were submerged in water following heavy rain.

Neighbours in Syme Place rushed out to try to stop flooding for the fourth time in just two months but they were too late as the waters rose quickly late at night on February 8.

Residents say that it's been an ongoing issue for years but flooding is getting worse and more frequent.

It appears that water is running off saturated fields beside Grange Road which then pours on to Syme Place.

Fife Council have built a wall to try to stop the water coming into the residential street but locals say it's ineffective.

Debbie Wood, of 28 Syme Place, woke up to find her car underwater late at night.

She was trying to clear out her car before her insurance company came to take it away when the Press met her.

She said: "I woke up at 10.30pm but it was too late to do anything.

"The water has come up through the floorboards at mine when the previous owners were there and it was very close this time.

"My car is thick in mud and the insurance company said they would just come and take it away when I told them it had been in three foot of water."

For Tommy, of 30, Syme Place, this will be the second car of his that has been written off due to flooding.

Likewise, next-door neighbour, Bob Donkin had his car written off several years ago.

He told the Press: "When the water goes brown we take up the manhole – we know we're not supposed to but it would be a lot worse if we didn't.

"Fortunately, a few of us are normally here to notice when flooding is about to happen but as it was late on Saturday night we didn't realise in time.

"If you're not here then you've had it.

"A firefighter actually said why don't you move?!

"A few years ago, I was at a flood prevention meeting and they said the problem on our street had been fixed.

"I said I don't think so!

"It's not just the cars either; I've had to throw out a load of tools from my garage and whatever I get back from insurance is never enough.

"I've spent five hours cleaning up my garage."

Sandy Hyslop's garden backs on to Grange Road and has been destroyed by the number of floods.

"My garden is decimated," he told the Press.

"I am looking for compensation from Fife Council but they keep turning around saying it isn't their problem.

"They've built a small wall but it'll just come over again.

"The landowners just don't seem to care.

"The was no point in wearing wellies on Saturday night because the water was nearly waist-deep.

"The authorities only came out because a car got stuck on Grange Road."

Rick Haynes, lead consultant – flooding, shoreline and harbours, confirmed that Fife Council staff attended the flooding incidents, along with the Scottish Fire and Rescue, to assist residents.

"The water is coming from private land, which is outwith our control," he said.

"Private property owners are responsible for managing their own flood risk but we will continue to help the residents of Syme Place.

"We have asked the neighbouring landowners what actions they propose to take to mitigate the water run-off from their field.

"We will be keeping a check on the area to make sure steps are being taken ​to try to minimise the impacts in the future."