A KELTY man who tried to drag a stranger out of a taxi in a terrifying drunken attack has been given a six-month jail sentence.

Michael Munro carried out the alarming offence after the woman and her boyfriend had asked the taxi to stop so they could use a cash machine.

His appearance at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday came just a day after he received an 18-month sentence for assaulting his former partner.

Munro, 32, of Keltyhill Road, had earlier admitted a charge that on October 4 last year, at Main Street, Crossford, he assaulted a woman when he seized her by the head and attempted to drag her from a seat within a vehicle through an open window.

He also behaved in a threatening or abusive manner, shouted, uttered threats of violence and struggled with a man.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf said the woman and her boyfriend had been on a night out and got a taxi just before 1am. They asked the driver to stop at the ATM and, at that point, Munro approached the vehicle.

He leant into the far side of the back seat where his victim was sitting and then grabbed her by the head and tried to pull her out of the seat.

The court was told: "She was terrified at this point. The taxi driver got out to intervene and at that point the accused was seen to struggle with him.

"The accused then tried to enter and had to be restrained by the driver."

Solicitor Alexander Flett confirmed that his client had not known by the woman.

"The incident is clearly one where far too much drink had been taken by Mr Munro," he said. "He has little or no recollection of what had taken place. He had been out drinking with his brother and his brother had seen the very end of the incident but he has very little recollection of that.

"He can only apologise for his actions on the night in question."

Sheriff Alastair Brown said he would limit the sentence because of the punishment handed out the previous day for the assault on his former partner. He jailed Munro for six months which will run consecutively to his other jail sentence.

"You must have caused great distress and concern for the unfortunate young woman who you attacked," he said. "It was absolutely unacceptable that you should have done that to her and that you should have struggled and threatened the taxi driver who was simply trying to help."