IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners in Pittencrieff Park need training more than their pets.

That's the view of one Dunfermline woman who says going for walks with her dog has become impossible because of irresponsible owners, who allow their "untrained aggressive dogs to run wild".

The woman, who wishes to stay anonymous, has hit out at Fife Council for not insisting that dogs must be kept on a lead in the Glen.

However, the council said that although they cannot enforce owners to keep dogs on a lead, rules state that they should be kept under control.

"I don't think I will be going to the park much longer," the woman said.

"My dog has been bitten so many times.

"But you cannot blame dogs – it's the owners.

"Only this week, I was confronted by an aggressive dog.

"This is not the first time and it now happens on a daily basis to many dog-walkers who just want to enjoy the park.

"Maybe when a child or an elderly person is bitten or pushed over by these dangerous dogs or the park's peacocks begin to turn up dead, something will be done.

"It's the owers who need training more than the dogs."

John O'Neill, parks, streets and open spaces team manager, said: "Most Pittencrieff Park users are responsible dog-walkers and, although we cannot enforce owners keeping their dogs on a lead, park rules state that dogs should be kept under proper control or on a short lead.

"There is additional signage posted by the volunteer group asking for dog owners to keep dogs on leads near the aviary building.

"Although we’ve a small team of dog wardens, we’ve many more safer communities officers who also patrol our streets and parks seven days a week.

"We ask all dog owners to keep their dogs under control whilst walking in public spaces."

Anyone with concerns about dangerous dogs in the park is urged to call the council on 01592 583642 or email